Don't be fooled! This 10 Ways to Distinguish Signs of PMS or Pregnancy

10 Ways to Distinguish Signs of PMS or Pregnancy
The sign of pregnancy or menstruation (PMS) is usually similar to each other. Both cause breast pain and stomach cramps. Maybe that's what makes you anxious so the next menstruation schedule is near. So, how to make sure which sign is pregnant or menstruating?

Why do pregnant and menstrual signs look like?

The signs of pregnant and menstruation are similar because they start from the same process, ovulation. Ovulation is a period of time when ovaries release mature egg cells ready to fertilize the sperm.

Ovulation period or also known as the fertile period is a natural process experienced by healthy adult women every month. Ovulation period generally occurs about 12 to 14 days before menstruation. The process of production and release of egg cells is governed by a part of the brain called the hypothalamus.

Well after the ovaries produce the ovum, the body will begin releasing special enzymes. This enzyme is tasked with forming holes to facilitate the eggs to descend into the uterus through the fallopian tubes (the link of the ovaries and uterus).

The average ovum can survive until 24 hours after it is released. So if you have sex within 12-24 hours after ovulation occurs, it is a great opportunity for pregnancy. Because in this time span the egg can successfully meet sperm to fertilize. Fertilization occurs in the fallopian tubes and lasts about 24 to 48 hours after sexual intercourse.

But if no sperm is in to fertilize, the ovum will die and weld in the uterus. Start your monthly menstruation.

How do I distinguish a pregnant or menstrual sign?

Distinguishing the sign of pregnant or menstruation is actually not too difficult. But for more details, check out some of the differences between the following signs of pregnancy or menstruation.

1. The difference in breast pain

The sign of pregnant or menstruation generally equally makes the breasts swollen and painful. You will also notice that the breasts feel heavier and dense or hard to touch. In addition to pain in the breasts, some women may also experience pain to the surrounding nipple.

This change is caused by an increase in the hormone progesterone in the body to prepare fertilization.

Here are the differences in the signs of pregnant or menstrual views from her breasts:

Pregnant sign:
Breast pain in pregnancy features usually lasts for 1-2 weeks after you experience fertilization. The pain can even be felt throughout the pregnancy, and only stop after childbirth.

Menstrual signs:
Conversely, breast tenderness of the menstrual marks only lasts briefly. The symptom first appears in 1-2 days before you menstrual and stops on your first day of menstruation.

2. The difference in stomach cramps

The equation of the pregnant or menstrual sign is also the most common stomach cramps. Almost every woman experienced it when the moon will come. However, abdominal cramps can also be a sign of pregnancy.

To be sure to distinguish between the pregnant or menstrual signs, consider the location and intensity of the pain.

Pregnant sign:
Abdominal cramps pregnant feature is caused by the embryo implantation process. This is why the pain tends to be centered on one side only and as if the skin the. For example, if the fertilized egg sticks to the right side of the uterus, the cramps will be more pronounced on that side instead of on the left.

Stomach cramps signs of pregnant also tend to heal more quickly. It usually starts to feel immediately after ovulation and will subside in a matter of hours.

Menstrual signs:
Abdominal cramps in PMS signs are generally caused by a moaning uterine muscle. This makes the pain centered at the bottom, and it feels like your stomach is squeezed in an occasional tight. The pain is also common to the back.

If the cramps last more than one day, you may just want to menstruation. PMS pain can continue until the last day of your menstruation.

3. Different blood spots that appear

Abdominal cramps signs of pregnancy are generally also coupled with the appearance of blood spots. Blood spots that occur early in the pregnancy are called implantation bleeding. Unfortunately, it is often disregarded as the first day of the menstrual spots. Well to know which sign of pregnancy or menstruation, you must know how much blood spots are coming out.  

Pregnant sign:
Spots that become pregnant signs generally appear only 1-2 drops. Blood spots that come out are also not blood red but tend to be bright pink or yellowish. 

This bleeding is called implantation. This can happen at any time within 10-14 days after conception and lasts 1-2 days only. Implantation bleeding will not occur constantly more than 5 or 7 days.

If it continues over that time span, it is not normal to have your health. We recommend that you consult your doctor about any suspicious symptoms.

Menstrual signs:
During PMS, you will not experience any spots at all. It is this that greatly distinguishes the signs of pregnancy and PMS symptoms in each woman. The new bleeding will come out after your menstruation starts, not before.

You say menstruation if the blood flow is noticeably faster and lasts up to a week. Menstrual blood color also tends to be thick and dark red to a darker brown. Sometimes also accompanied by blood clots.

4. Different cravings

A higher appetite and a desire to eat something specific can also confuse women; This sign of pregnancy or menstruation? Appetite changes are caused because your body is experiencing a rise in hormones.

But if you're still unsure, take a look at what you're eating a few days later. 

Pregnant sign:
Cravings for pregnant signs are more of a very specific and unusual appetite change. For example, suddenly want to drink mango juice, burgers, or pizzas. In fact, you never even eat or don't like it. In addition, you feel that the cravings should be fulfilled immediately.

Instead, you may even be uninterested or more interested in your favorite food. It may be like an egg, but instead, hate it because it makes nausea.

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Some expectant mothers may also be very avoiding and sensitive to certain smells or aromas. For a more exact difference, cravings when pregnant can continue during pregnancy.

Menstrual signs:
Cravings tend to be sweet or salty like chocolate, or potato chips, most likely marking you in a moment. For example, today want to eat chocolate. But the next day you want to eat salty.

One more difference between the sign of pregnancy or menstruation is the length of time. Cravings because want to come months usually only briefly. After menstruation appears, the taste of cravings is lost

6. Different nausea and vomit

Some women report nausea and vomiting in the morning before finally being inaugurated positively pregnant. While others also experienced the same thing when the schedule was close. So, is this a sign of pregnancy or menstruation?

Pregnant sign:
Nausea and vomiting in the morning a.k.a morning sickness is the most classical and undisputed sign of pregnancy. Complaints of nausea and vomiting usually have started since a month after conception until the 9th week of pregnancy.

Entering the second trimester of pregnancy, the signs of pregnant nausea and vomiting will be able to subside. Some pregnant mothers can sometimes continue to experience it throughout the pregnancy. However, there are also pregnant mothers who do not experience morning sickness at all.

Although the name is "morning sickness", but this condition can occur at any time of the day. Whether it's day, afternoon, or evening.

Menstrual signs:
PMS symptoms rarely make your nausea even until vomiting. But indeed the symptoms of PMS can sometimes make the digestion feel uncomfortable, such as nausea, bloating, and diarrhea.

7. Different back pain

Either the sign of pregnant or menstruation equally raises back pain. To distinguish it more clearly, distinguish from when the start time and how long the pain occurs.

Pregnant sign: 
Not a few indeed from prospective mothers who complain of back pain during pregnancy. However, back pain is not including the signs of conceiving young.

Back pain generally appears in the second trimester to three when weight increases as the fetus are also enlarged in the uterus.

Menstrual signs:
Back pain is one of the most common menstrual symptoms. The feeling is concentrated in the lower back area and feels dull pulses or feels a sore through the calf.

Some women who have painful menstrual pains even report pain like a shot.

If your back feels pain and fatigue approaches your menstrual to schedule Usually, it is probably the biggest sign of menstruation.

8. The Fat Difference

When menstruation arrives, the body will feel more tired than usual. It can also be felt at the beginning of pregnancy. Complaints of rapid tired and easy weakness occur due to the increase in the hormone progesterone, before menstruation and early pregnancy.

To distinguish which signs are pregnant or menstruating, you should see how much tired you feel.

Pregnant sign:
Fatigue that becomes a sign of pregnancy can last long enough. It can even continue to occur throughout the pregnancy until it finally gives birth. Pregnant women can experience tremendous fatigue despite the age of the pregnancy is just 1 week.

Menstrual signs:
While fatigue due to PMS will usually soon disappear once your menstruation starts. The key, make sure to give more time for the body to be optimally resting and set your diet well ahead of PMS.

9. Different mood earlier swing days

Mood swings can drastically distinguish which are the signs of pregnancy or menstruation. Both of these conditions can make your mood easy to change. You may be more irritable, irritated, angry, to cry often than ever before.

Never mind the big thing. Even a trivial problem can easily ignite your emotions that were in good condition. At the moment you can feel very sad until crying bitterly.

Pregnant sign:
Mood swings are triggered by levels of pregnancy hormones that rise down to adjust to the body's changes.

Unlike the symptoms of PMS, mood swings as signs of pregnancy can last long. It may even be new to completely subside after childbirth.

Menstrual signs:
Mood swing due to PMS usually does not last long and will soon disappear after menstruation completion. 

10. Late Menstruation

It is undeniable that late menstruation is the most prominent sign of pregnancy. On the other hand, the late menstrual period can also be caused by other things outside of pregnancy.

So how to discern where a menstrual late is a sign of pregnancy or menstruation?

Pregnant sign:
The late-month comes at least 1-2 weeks from the date it should and also accompanied by young expectant traits means you are most likely positive. Especially if during this time your menstrual schedule is organized, it is never too late.

Menstrual signs:
You are said to have regular menstrual periods if after 5 days or more is not menstrual since the date it should be. If you also do not show any of the above symptoms.

Late menstruation can be caused by sustained stress, illness, medicinal effects, extreme weight loss, or dietary changes.

Late menstruation is not the most definitely guarantee you are actually pregnant. Especially if your menstrual cycle should never be organized.

How to ensure positive pregnancy?
Pms or pregnancy

Making sure you are pregnant is not enough just by looking at its. Various body changes above are often misunderstood as the sign of pregnancy or menstruation. But on the other hand, these symptoms may also be a sign of certain health conditions other than pregnancy or PMS.

That's why if you suspect you are pregnant, you should immediately check with a test pack.

Test packs can be obtained at the nearest pharmacy, drugstore, or supermarket without a doctor's prescription. Test pack results are generally quite accurate, about 97-99 percent. However, a new pregnancy can be detected by the tool at least 10 days after the late menstruation. In the test tool, a line will appear that shows you are pregnant or not.

So it's a good idea to note your menstrual schedule each month to find out the pattern. So you can know the cause and anticipate it if it is too late.

In addition to the test pack, you can also check to the doctor to ensure the positive is pregnant or not. The sooner knowing you are pregnant, the sooner you get the right treatment.

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