3 Types of Female Orgasms and How to Get it

One of the purposes of the couple's husband having sexual intercourse is to reach the top of enjoyment. The peak of enjoyment can be obtained when an orgasm is characterized by the discharge of natural fluids from their genitals. In addition, the orgasm also becomes the end of the story of the heat relationship on the bed.

Orgasms are generally found when women and men feel aroused and up their passion. Although women are more difficult to get orgasms, they can have more orgasms than men.

3 Types of Female Orgasms and How to Get it
Types of female orgasm

Women have some excitatory points that will bring it to an extraordinary delight. More details, here are some types of orgasms in women as well as how to get them.

1. Nipple Orgasm

Nipples are one of the most sensitive areas in women. Usually, men will play it during foreplay before entering the core stage of sexual intercourse. The difficulty of making a female orgasm, then playing the nipple is the right way. Try to ask the couple to play and suck your nipples before start making love.

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2. Clitoral Orgasm

In addition to the nipple, the clitoral is also a moderately sensitive area in women. Clitoral is known as the most famous orgasm triggering zone. In fact, some experts also say that women will reach a peak of enjoyment if the touch on the clitoral is adequate. Thus, ask your spouse to play your clitoral gently.

3. Vaginal orgasm

Vaginal orgasm is the hardest orgasm to get by women. Although penetration is done by men long enough, often the orgasm is not coming to women.

Therefore, it should be balanced by stimulating the clitoral when penetrating. It's good to try a sex position that can also stimulate the clitoral along with penetration like missionary positions.

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