How to Naturally Overcome Headaches during Pregnancy

How to Naturally Overcome Headaches during Pregnancy - Hormonal changes can cause headaches when pregnant, whether it's a tension headache or migraine. Because at the time of pregnancy should not consume any medication, there are various natural ways of overcoming headaches when pregnant you can do.

A headache when pregnant can deteriorate in the first weeks of pregnancy, but you do not have to worry because this condition has no effect on the fetus. Headaches have usually improved or lost on its own in the last six months of pregnancy when the hormone has stabilized again.

How to Naturally Overcome Headaches during Pregnancy

It is not yet known for sure why some expectant mothers may experience headaches. Nevertheless, increased production and blood flow in the early days of pregnancy can be thought to be one of the triggers.

Another possible trigger is that sudden consumption of caffeine is stopped, sleep deprivation, stress, depression, hunger, dehydration, sinus disorders, fatigue, and allergies. Headaches are more likely to occur and feel worse for those who often experience it before becoming pregnant.

Various Ways to Relieve Your Headache in Pregnant Women
How to Naturally Overcome Headaches during Pregnancy

There are some things that might help relieve headaches in pregnant women such as:

1. Inhaling aromatherapy

This can be adjusted to the individual conditions. If you do not feel nausea or problems with lavender or peppermint oil, we can breathe the aromatherapy to relieve headaches. Can also rub aromatherapy oils in the forehead area.

2. Massage

Quoted from, massage in the shoulder, back, and nape areas can help relieve headaches. If you want to be massaged, preferably on the experts or who specifically deal with pregnant women, yes. But if you just have to massage the shoulder area to relax body muscles, we can ask for the help of spouse or husband.

3. Shower with warm water

Bathing with warm water mixed with Epsom salts for 15 minutes can help to redhead headaches. The muscles of the body can be more relaxed when you get to washes or warm water rinse.

4. Wear the Right Bra

When pregnant, the breast ligament can change as the breast size grows. If wrong select bra can cause tension in the neck and back muscles. So from the beginning of pregnancy, it is important to choose and wear a bra that is really comfortable to avoid the risk of dizziness or headaches.

5. Drink Herbal Drinks

Herbal drinks such as herbal teas or warm ginger water can be drunk to relieve headaches during pregnancy. Warm ginger water becomes one of the most recommended drinks because of the content of ginger that can help relax the body and overcome the tension of the body muscles.

6. Compress with cold water or warm water

We can prepare the compress to be placed on the forehead or brow. Can use warm water compress, can also cool. For the next headache (migraine) can use cold water compresses to be more effective.

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If the headache feels very severe and it is a good idea, it is helpful to consult a doctor directly. In order to immediately be known as the main cause for more precise handling or treatment.

Expectant mothers can and are safe to consume paracetamol drugs if taken at the recommended dosage. But avoid taking other headache medications without the doctor's recommendation.

How to prevent headaches during pregnancy

You can prevent the emergence of the pain in the head by doing the following things:

  • Consume a lot of white water.
  • Consumption of food with a small portion, but more Avoid and manage stress well.
  • Routine physical activity, such as walking, aerobics, or sports that can relax the body, such as yoga.
  • Simply sleep, and sleep at a regular time every day.
  • Avoid triggering headaches, such as foods containing MSG and artificial sweeteners, smoked fish, 
  • Fermented foods, 
  • The Strong, 
  • Cigarette smoke, 
  • Noise, 
  • Light Glare, 
  • and excessively hot or cold weather. 

Pregnancy headaches that need to be wary of

Headaches that occur in the early days of pregnancy are normal, but it is better to be wary if this condition occurs at the end of pregnancy.

Headaches that occur at the end of pregnancy can be a sign that you are experiencing hypertension in pregnancy. If not handled, this condition is at risk of developing into preeclampsia, which is a condition that can interfere with the development of the baby in the womb and childbirth.

Do not hesitate to consult your doctor immediately if a headache when pregnant has not subsided or gets worse.

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