9 Signs of Early Pregnant Women who rarely Realize

Signs pregnancy very earlier
hallohealthy.com - The earliest sign of pregnancy is the most anticipated moment by the woman who wants to have a sweet and fruity craving for a family hope. The presence of a pregnant sign indicates that the presence of a baby in their family is waiting for time. The family feels more complete with the presence of an awaited heart. What are the characteristics of pregnant people who are commonly experienced in the early days?

Sometimes, couples do not know correctly about this conceiving trait. They are still confused as to what signs of pregnancy (pregnancy symptoms) are actually coming into menstruation.

Traits and signs of early pregnancy

Many women assess that the signs of pregnancy only look from one side to another, that is, late menstruation. It is true that one of these symptoms is a menstrual delay.

Keep in mind, late this menstrual period is also not only caused by pregnancy. There are many things that affect it, such as diet, stress, too tired, hormonal disorders, etc.

In addition to the delay of menstruation, also look at other characteristics of pregnant, namely:

1. The first sign of pregnancy – changes in breasts

In the case of pregnancy, the breast will be enlarged, this is due to increased production of estrogen and progesterone hormones. In addition, the condition of the breasts will also feel softer, it creates a higher sensitivity until the breasts will be painful or painful when held.

Pregnant features are indicated by the nipple growing and the color will be darker, sometimes it is itching. The veins in the breast will also be seen due to breast enforcement.

In addition, the activity of HPL hormone (Human Placental Lactogen) occurs in pregnant persons. The hormone is produced by the body when the mother has a pregnancy to prepare breast milk for babies when born into the world.

2. Emerging spots followed by abdominal cramps as a feature of pregnant people

These blood spots appear before the upcoming menstruation, usually occurring between 8-10 days after the occurrence of ovulation. Blood spots as a feature of pregnant are caused by implantation bleeding or forging of embryos in the uterine wall. The appearance of blood spots during pregnancy is sometimes confused with menstruation.

In addition, the discharge of blood patches is usually followed by stomach cramps. Abdominal cramps as a feature of pregnant people will occur on a regular basis. The condition of the stomach cramps will continue until the second-trimester pregnancy until the uterine position is in the middle and is supported by the pelvis.

3. Nausea and vomiting (Morning sickness)

About 50% of pregnant people will have this sign of pregnancy. The trigger is a sudden increase in hormones in the bloodstream. Such hormones are HCG (Human chorionic Gonadotrophin). In addition to the blood, the increase in this hormone also occurs in the urinary tract.

Therefore, the Pregnancy Test pack tool uses art water media. This is done to measure the occurrence of increased levels of HCG hormones. The increase in this hormone will result in a poignant effect on the lining of the stomach and cause nausea.

Nausea as an early sign of pregnancy usually disappears into the second-trimester pregnancy. If nausea and vomiting still occur in the age of the second trimester of pregnancy, it is recommended that you consult the doctor as it will interfere with pregnancy.

This nausea and vomiting are called morning sickness because it usually occurs in the morning. In fact, nausea and vomiting can occur during the day and night. In fact, morning sickness occurs only when pregnant people smell certain aromas or fragrances.

4. Frequent urination.

After a late menstrual period of one to two weeks, the desire to urinate becomes more frequent than the habit. This is due to the fetus growing in the uterus pressing the bladder and due to increased blood circulation.

In addition, the bladder is faster filled with urine and the desire to urinate becomes more frequent. Increased urination is also caused by increased pregnancy hormones.

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Although urination is often, do not restrict it or hold it down. Also, avoid dehydration by further increasing fluid intake into the body. Are you also experiencing this sign of pregnancy?

5. Dizziness and headache (Headaches)

The next sign of pregnancy is often felt dizziness and headaches. Dizziness and headaches that are often felt by pregnant women are caused by physical factors, namely: fatigue, nausea, hunger and blood pressure, low.

Furthermore, the emotional cause is a tense and depressive feeling. In addition, an increase in blood supply throughout the body can also cause dizziness when the mother changes position.

6. Fatigue and excessive cravings (Fatigue)

Fatigue and drowsiness in pregnant women are caused by hormonal changes, as well as the performance of some vital organs such as the kidneys, heart, and lungs, are increasing. Often fatigue and excess cravings are pregnant traits for mothers.

These vital organs not only work to meet the needs of mothers but also for the growth and development of the fetus. The mother's stomach growing in line with increasing gestational age also gives a burden to the mother body.

7. Constipation

Believe it or not, constipation is included in the signs of pregnancy. Constipation occurs due to an increase in progesterone hormones.

This hormone in addition to loosen the muscles of the uterus also affects the muscle relaxes the intestinal wall so as to cause constipation or difficult bowel movements. The advantage of this situation is that it allows better nutrient absorption when pregnant.

8. Frequent spitting (hypersalivation)

The initial sign of pregnancy occurs due to the effect of changes in estrogen hormones, usually occurring in the first-trimester pregnancy. Signs of pregnant like this usually disappear after pregnancy enters the second trimester, so it will not be done again by pregnant people.

9. Rising basal temperature

In case of pregnancy or ovulation, the basal temperature of the body of the pregnant woman will increase. This condition will persist during pregnancy. This condition will not go down to the condition before ovulation.

The signs of pregnancy (pregnancy symptoms) are above personal nature, not all women at the beginning of pregnancy have an absolute characteristic above. That is, the characteristics of pregnant people above all have all experienced it, it varies, but some have no complaints whatsoever.

Features of pregnancy like menstruation

Quite a lot of cases also that the characteristics of pregnant people are usually similar to menstruation. Ignorance on this matter also caused some cases of miscarriage.

Miscarriage caused the activity or consumption of food that should not be done by pregnant people, when in fact he was already experiencing pregnancy. Ignorance of the pregnant sign also results in preparations that mature to the neglected pregnancy.

Conversely, many cases of the family stress due to experiencing signs of pregnancy, apparently after a few times test results are negative. The shadows and the dream of the pregnancy they are waiting for eventually become gone.

The way to better ensure the accuracy of pregnant signs must be a pregnancy test, either done at home using a test pack or done in a lab that performs tests against your blood.

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