5 Healthy Tips It's unreasonable, but good for your health

Health tips, drink water for health
There are some sensible health tips, such as exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and drinking more water.

On the other hand, there are health tips that sound weird and contrary to the understanding of layman but effective. These five tips are examples as reported from hhdresearch.org.

5 Healthy Tips It's unreasonable but good for your health

1. Drink hot drinks to feel cooler

Many of us turn to iced coffee or iced tea in hot weather. Our thinking is cold drinks will cool the body from the inside out.

But that's not how the human body works. Instead, drink hot drinks to tell the body that you need to sweat. That's the real body defense mechanism against overheating, so you feel cooler.

2. Hand-write information Let me remember

Nowadays, it's pretty standard all things typed on a computer or mobile phone. However, researchers from Indiana University have found that you are more likely to process and store information if you write it down.

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Although it is typing faster, when you write your hand it is forced to slow down slightly, thinking consciously to form letters and look directly at the words when written. This all helps to shape the memory of the information.

3. Stop using antibacterial soaps to stay healthy

Stop handwash with antibacterial soap
There is no evidence that using antibacterial soaps makes us healthier. However, some types of bacteria are very important for human health and such soaps cannot distinguish both.

Plus, all soaps are actually effective in clearing the accumulated bacteria. Research also suggests that long-term exposure to triclosan chemistry, a key ingredient in antibacterial soaps, can pose a health risk including bacterial resistance, and hormonal disorders.

4. Do not brush your teeth after eating

We are encouraged to clean the remaining food particles to protect the teeth but to remove them immediately after eating. This is because food, especially those that are acidic like tomatoes, oranges, coffee, tea, and soda, will soften the tooth enamel.

Brushing the teeth directly after a meal can accelerate the acid effect on the enamel and scrape the dentin layer underneath. This leads to problems such as sensitivity, tooth discoloration, and chipped or cracked.

The dentist recommends waiting at least 30-60 minutes after eating to brush the teeth.

5. Drink coffee first for a better night's sleep

In addition to relieve drowsiness, drinking coffee turns to reduce the risk of liver disease
In addition to relieving drowsiness, drinking coffee turns to reduce the risk of liver disease
A recent study in Japan found that people who consumed about 200 milligrams of caffeine (1-2 cups of coffee) before lying down for a nap when waking up his body feeling fresher than that did not.

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It is due to nap for 20 minutes right when caffeine starts working, cleansing your brain from adenosine chemical triggers fatigue.

A nap does reduce adenosine, but caffeine enhances the effect so you can get more energy with a short nap. But do not try when going to sleep night, yes.

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