10 Ways to Make the Right Child Get Pregnant Quickly

10 Ways to Make the Right Child Get Pregnant Quickly
Do you and your spouse already crave a child? Suggestions from others on how to make your child have done with your spouse but still no results. Don't give up! Keep trying to get the children you've been craving.

For those of you who are already craving the fruit of the liver, read more about the information below.

10 ways to make the wife quick to conceive

1. Consider the fertile period

Did you know that the sperm can survive for up to 5 days in cervical mucus, while the egg can last up to 24 hours after ovulation? This scientific fact is what makes most of the pregnancy happen from a couple who have intercourse 2 days before ovulation.

How to make children need to observe the fertile period of women. The fertile period is a very important thing to be able to conceive quickly and to get a coveted child. Sex that is fun can be done at any time, but not with sex to plan for pregnancy because of intercourse must be considered to be fertilization in the fertile days.

2. Use the ovulation calculator to calculate the fertile period

If you want to know how to make a child, then you should know the fertile period then you must know in advance ovulation time. You can use the ovulation calculator to know the time ovulation occurs.

The fertile period of a woman is about 2-5 days before ovulation. The best time during the fertile period is 2 days before ovulation or 12-16 days before menstruation. So, if you already know your ovulation time then you can know the fertile period and the best time to make a child.

3. Notice signs of ovulation

The ovulation calculator is an estimate when your ovulation occurs, but to make sure that ovulation is actually happening then you should pay attention to some of these signs.

There are several signs of the body when ovulation occurs, including:

Body temperature

Check your body temperature when you first wake up to sleep in the morning. Use a thermometer to measure your body temperature. If you are ovulation then your body temperature will rise slightly by little until your menstrual day. Therefore, check the temperature of your body every waking sleep.

Cervical Mucus

You can also observe your cervical mucus to figure out ovulation time. Why can cervical mucus be used as a parameter for ovulation time? This is because each woman's cervical mucus is influenced by hormones that control the menstrual cycle.

At the time the eggs are ripe, your cervical mucus will go to the vagina and enter your vaginal hole. This cervical mucus can be white or yellow and somewhat sticky. Right in the fertile period that before ovulation occurs then your cervical mucus becomes more wet and slippery like egg whites. It is a good time to have sexual intercourse with husbands to get pregnant quickly.

4. Watch the frequency of intercourse

Do daily sex during your fertile days. Actually, if you and your spouse can have an intimate relationship 4 times a week then you do not have to check the time ovulation.

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However, for those of you who have a pair with a low sperm count or have another problem when having sex with that frequency then you can do a sex conception by looking at ovulation time and related after seeing the signs of time Lush.

5. Perform varied sex positions

Maybe you've heard that a particular sex position is a right position in how to make the child get pregnant quickly. Most people say the position of the missionary is a classic position that many people do with the woman below and the man above is very possible for the occurrence of fertilization.

You may also have heard of the position of doggy style, i.e. the position of the woman ' air ' and the man coming from the back direction to penetrate the vagina. Some people believe that the position of how to make this child will result in deep penetration and can produce fertilization.

In fact, there is no research that proves that only a particular sex position is becoming a factor of success in a fast way to conceive. All sex positions allow conception. So, do some variations in sex positions so that you and your partner become happier in a sex conception.

6. Reach Out to orgasm!

Actually, female orgasms are not the key to success in how to make children get pregnant quickly. However, some studies have proved that women who reach orgasm can help sperm move from the cervix to the fallopian tubes because the uterus contracts optimally to accept sperm fertilization.

Female orgasms will encourage the sperm to fallopian tubes to immediately meet the egg. In addition, by orgasm then a woman will feel sleepy so she sleeps and keep her lying (will be explained next).

7. Keep lying after completion related

How to make a child that you also hear often is keep lying down after the completion of the contract. There have been several studies related to artificial insemination which suggests that lying briefly after an intimate finish can help the occurrence of fertilization.

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You could try to lie down for 10-15 minutes after finishing intimate. This keeps your body in a horizontal position so that it gives the partner sperm more opportunity to meet your egg.

8. Maintain nutrition and food intake

Of course, in addition to paying attention to how to make the child on the mattress of the position and time of sex as above, some supporting factors to be blessed with the fruits are also necessary for you to note. For women who want to get pregnant, you need to multiply the consumption of folic acid and vitamin B enough to prepare the body in welcoming the moment of pregnancy. The level of folic acid required per day is 400 microgram.

Besides having to multiply the intake of nutrients and folic acid, it is also necessary to discontinue the use of medicines without doctor's advice, avoiding cigarettes, and alcohol consumption. Starting a healthy lifestyle with healthy nutritional intake will support the program to make the child you are planning.

9. Exercising to maintain fertility

Regular exercise turns out not only helps you to get a fit body but also can increase fertility significantly. A woman who is planning a pregnancy should routinely do sports such as yoga, aerobics, and mild jogging. Regular exercise will stimulate the production of hormones that affect the egg release process.

In addition, a husband who wants his wife to conceive quickly can also increase his fertility by exercising regularly. To achieve optimal fertility, a man must maintain the quantity, quality, and speed of sperm movements with a routine of doing the right exercise i.e. cardio sports.

The quality of sperm one is determined by heart health as the organ pumping blood. If the heart is healthy and strong, the oxygen-oxygenated blood supply will be smoothly spread to the testes which are where sperm and semen are produced. Therefore, in addition to noticing the frequency of intercourse, you should also observe the frequency of exercise to improve fertility.

10. Maintain Ideal body weight

Maintaining the ideal body weight is one way to get pregnant quickly. If a person is obese, it is recommended to do a weight loss program by using a healthy diet or consult a physician. Find a safe diet program for you and monitor the ideal weight to prepare for pregnancy. Don't forget, keep your food consumption so that your ideal weight is always awake.

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That's 10 ways to get pregnant fast that you can apply. Hopefully, the pregnancy program that you plan with your spouse is immediately successful and you will be rewarded with the one you desire!

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